Brave New Weed

Read Brave New Weed Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis.Brave New Weed

It gives an education that many lawmakers have lacked for almost 100 years. Science of today is unlocking the chemistry of plant that has been outlawed for economic and political reasons. Since the government holds the patent no pharmaceutical company can make a huge profit on doing the research. We spend billions of tax dollars putting people in prison for a misunderstood reasons. If the government made it legal Corrections Corp would go bankrupt. There are over 100 different chemical compounds in the plant with different amounts in the different strains. The size of the dose is very important.

There is a massive universe of unexplored cannabinoid chemistry out there that may eventually yield incredible medicines and euphoriants. It is likely a vast untapped mine of chemical wonders, and right now it is being abused, neglected, prostituted, besmirched, and possibly worse. In fact, the way that this vast potential resource of wonderfulness is currently being treated will most likely lead to disaster. Unless some young brave Alchemists step up and develop the research as it should be.

We need our top biological and neuroscientists examining this weed to find out the benefits and limits that it can be used to help mankind. Stop the fear and uneducated beliefs and require knowledge be published and used for the citizens benefit not for the country’s fears.