Poor Grounding

Cattle farmers in France say their stock are dying off from exposure to electricity generated by nearby wind turbines and solar panels, blaming lethal levels of volts through the ground and water sources for their losses. Technicians of the new mandated non fossil fuel electric generation system lack the knowledge of how complicated networked grid systems are. Grounding is one of the most important parts of electric distribution.

Robo Calls

The FCC Has Fined Robocallers $208 Million. It’s Collected $6,790.
America’s telecommunications regulators have levied hefty financial penalties against illegal robocallers and demanded that bad actors repay millions to their victims. But years later, little money has been collected. The Federal Government is not serious about protecting the citizen but rater focused on how much campaign money they can get from the lobbyists. We will be a failed country if laws and enforcement are ignored. If the government can not follow up on enforcement they can not make laws to protect the citizens.

MS Governor Supporting Lawyers

The birth control bill the Governor signed today is unconstitutional and will be over turned. The legal fees are a big waste of taxpayer money. I understand the religious moral traditions of many who live in MS but the government is to support freedom and liberty not religious beliefs.

In the big picture the earth is over populated for its resources and more people in poverty only makes less resources and and pollution for everyone. Growth is not an option as we head to the 22 century. Women’s rights are also an issue as they should not be forced to create lives they can not support or have the abilities to raise as good citizens. It takes more than just being female to raise children that are ready to be adults in a world of a declining environment.

Think long and hard before you elect leaders that rule with misguided religious traditions that do not match the reality we face.

Myth of Unlimited Resources

It has come to my attention that many political figures believe they can produce unlimited resources and want to save the world from poverty. There is a great difference between having unlimited money and unlimited resources. Money is just a promise by humans to deliver products and services at some time in the future. No one really nows what the future will bring so a promise is not 100% probability. Nations go bankrupt, people die, droughts, wars, mistakes, and just plain greed wipe out resources which money is based on.

The U.S. through the Federal Reserve creates the money supply and they have very few resources to back those promises up with. It is only the belief that the system will keep going that motivates people to work for money. In the big picture resources are limited such as air, energy, land, and clean water. It takes energy to make water clean. It takes clear land to grow food. The land needs a good climate and water to grow crops. If we clear a forrest to make way for a farm we change the environment which provides the right climate. If we produce energy we change the climate, If we dirty the water we change the climate. Changes in the climate changes living things some for the better and others it destroys.

The next time government approves a project that increases population of humans at the expense of the climate research all the problems it creates.

Objective Reality?

A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality

Physicists have long suspected that quantum mechanics allows two observers to experience different, conflicting realities. Now they’ve performed the first experiment that proves it.And today, Massimiliano Proietti at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and a few colleagues say they have performed this experiment for the first time: they have created different realities and compared them. Their conclusion is that Wigner was correct—these realities can be made irreconcilable so that it is impossible to agree on objective facts about an experiment.
So the two realities are at odds with each other. “This calls into question the objective status of the facts established by the two observers,” say Proietti and co.

Government at War With Itself

The fight between cultures and poetical philosophy rages on. Everyone is steadfast in their beliefs. The real problem of growing population reduces resources for each individual. The earth and nature only have so much to offer and using natural resources faster than nature can provide means we are destroying the future for our children. Not everyone has the ability to understand a finite world and limited resources. Many others do not want to admit limits and finite. A system where we borrow from the future and promise to pay it back does not always work since people believe that are capable of doing more than the reality of what can be done. Then we have death where people borrow and never pay it back. Student loans are just one example as is the government debt because they have control of inflation which means they never pay back what the borrowed. This may work when the world has excess resources but not when we are using resources faster than they are made.

The intentions of Democrats looks good on paper but does not work with real humans. The policy of Republicans looks good to an imaginary God but do not work in reality with real people. Many of our laws are not enforced because of lack of resources and the fact that most people break laws which we can not afford put all of them away. Selective enforcement just tears the country apart a goal our enemies would love to happen.