Having Health Insurance Does Not Prolong Life.

Death Rates Rising for Young, Middle-Aged U.S. Adults
Opioid epidemic and stalled progress against heart disease have dragged down life expectancy. The problem of not being physically active due to smart phones and computers give people false security that health insurance will save them. Fast food, drugs, labor saving equipment such as mass transit, electric bikes and scooters all reduce exercise. Our food supply is no longer fresh and home cooking reduced to the microwave heating chemical laced food. Shelf life chemicals and taste additives all work against the human body. Caffeine laced products and quick fix drugs lower life expectancy. Having health insurance removes any incentive for healthy living.

Heath Insurance Scammers

Health insurers are regarded as fierce defenders of health care dollars. But the case of David Williams shows one reason America’s health care costs continue to rise. The personal trainer spent years posing as a doctor and billing the nation’s top insurers, making off with millions. “Dr. Dave” had wrongfully obtained, with breathtaking ease, federal identification numbers that allowed him to fraudulently bill insurers as a physician for services to about 1,000 people. Then he battered the system with the bluntest of ploys: submit a deluge of out-of-network claims, confident that insurers would blindly approve a healthy percentage of them. Then, if the insurers did object, he gambled that they had scant appetite for a fight.
Who Pays? You.

Delphi Method

Delphi Technique is used by Tupelo leaders to sway people who object to their plans to shut up and accept what is forced on them. Tupelo likes to pride itself with wearing a community badge that everything it does has full support of the community. They fact is much of what is forced on the public spending tax and federal grant money is not what the community wants in fact it harms groups that live and work in the areas it is spending that tax money. Poor leadership and very poor management keep Mississippi in last place in almost any national measurement. The rich connected city leaders make sure nothing happens that would put a burden on them and forget about the other people that end up paying.

We have wasted millions of tax money on building things that need to be maintained but no money set aside to maintain them. Much of what is build does very little for the majority of Tupelo citizens. Much of what is done only favors small groups of people while the rest of the community has to pay for it. Everyone knew the bus system was a failure before any money was spent on consultants that are paid to agree with those who hire them.

Wake up Tupelo and do a write in vote rather than pick those frauds on the ballot.

More People, More Food, More Pollution Reduced Quality of Life

Flowing 2,300 miles from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River provides drinking water, food and jobs for millions of people. A journey downriver reveals how the agricultural industry is contributing to one of the nation’s biggest ecological disasters.

The earth is one limited resource with a very delicate environment. We see problems every day about how humans are destroying mother earth. Global warming, shortage of clean water, air pollution, finite minerals, extinct species, plastic in the oceans, loss of coral reefs, melting of ice and the rising seas. Humans at war and having mental problems, deaths from drugs, population bubbles, contaminated ground water and loss of aquifers. Deception and data mining manipulating populations.

Do we really think growth is going to make things better?