Not Ready for Prime Time

Automatic emergency-braking systems that are promoted as a safety feature in vehicles don’t always work as intended and at times activate when there is no risk of a crash, drivers say. If you ever driven in busy traffic you know these things cause accidents.

Money, Resources, Value

There seems to be confusion about modern economics. Money is just a promise of future return of resources, labor, or something of value. Resources are physical things such as food or putting together a car. Value is what an individual is willing to provide for something they need, want, or desire. Money is created with a promise such as if you want a house you go to the bank and promise to pay back money borrowed from the bank to get the wanted house. The bank gets its money from promising the federal reserve it will pay them back. The federal reserve gets its money from the government promises that come in the form of treasury bonds the government promises it will pay back the federal reserve.

What if we can not keep our promise?

Resources are finite limited to the earth and nature. The use of resources needs to be balanced by nature. If we use them faster there is a natural consequence. “The vast majority of the Amazon fires have been set by loggers and ranchers to clear land for cattle. The more humans the more food needed. The more food needed the less for natural environment which results in many consequences like climate change. Making more promises and money does not increase resources. It is the cause of inflation. More money, finite resources, makes money have less of a value.

Value is different for each individual and works with needs, wants, and desires. For example if you are thirsty in the desert you value water much more than the free fountain that is in the mall. The millionaire might value a 300 million dollar painting on his wall but the homeless in a tent has no immediate use of a painting in his tent. Only the value of the painting for the homeless is what he can trade promises for.

In the big picture people can promise anything but not be able to deliver. This is a problem when people make children they do not have the resources to provide for them.

Walmart sues Tesla over solar panel fires at seven stores

Solar will not provide clean energy as the marketing campaign wants you to believe. The media is marketing more stuff to the consumer which will need to be replaced. This is all about creating an economy and growth using finite natural resources. If you want cheap energy stop having so many children that over populate the earth and use resources.

Water is a Finite Resource

“Water crises are unfolding all across India, a product of population growth, modernization, climate change, mismanagement and the breakdown of traditional systems of distributing resources.”
Over population destroys the quality of life. This is one reason we have immigration done against the law.

Moral Compass

Where are children learning about what it is to be human? Where are the moral and ethic role models? Why are churches country clubs and not places where we learn respect for each other. Why has religion failed to instill understanding of reality. Why is it people pray but fail to follow up with physical action in the real world?

Increased Population,Increased Laws, Reduced Freedoms

Madness is just one of many human attributes. The more humans on the finite planet means more madness and increased stress. Fewer places to have solitude and opportunity to express those attributes without harming others. The results is more laws and control by others that do not understand the problems. Growth of the economy means increased use of natural resources which destroys nature. The human of today has not evolved in 200,000 years as we are designed to be hunter gathers. Cell phones and computers have altered humanity and created a mess of community. Lack of community increases loneliness and expression of love and happiness. We can not replace what we lost with more population growth and consumerism.

Hate Crimes and Social Stress

The rapid changes in community culture makes for many that can not endure the stress go mad. Public schools have been forced to be job training centers rather than academic enclaves. Religion has been converted to a community social club rather than schools of moral and ethical training. The internet which was created to make facts and knowledge available to the common man has been converted to a marketing tool and psychologically manipulate people.

Being human means we are not perfect and we learn from mistakes. Education’s use of multiple choice tests rather than real life experiences reeks of misguided data collection. We have children become adults without any sense of reality. Life is not about being a consumer as greed never makes us happy or a fully functional human being. If we want to eliminate hate we need to start by matching finite resources with culture and what being human is about. No two humans are the same not even twins. We all have different abilities which might not match what greed wants.

Needs, wants, and desires are not all emotional. Needs to survive, wants to motivate and desires to dream. The goal to desire wisdom is not possible with a goal to desire material wealth.


It seems to me this is all about money and who profits. The well water is fine if filters were installed at the wells. River water has to go through a water treatment plant. Buying river water means more money for the water treatment plant. A reporter needs to dig into this much deeper than the wells. In the big picture resources are limited especially clean water. Growth should not be an option. Better pay, better educated voters and would bring MS out of last place.