California Fires

Government regulations are part of the problems California has created for it self. Regulations put in by the CA government make it almost impossible to build new power plants to supply the growing CA need for electricity. Federal laws allow wheeling of power from other states but limit the cost the power line companies can charge for allowing the sold power to move over their power lines. This creates a maintenance problem because the cost to maintain those lines exceed the profit from wheeling. More people using electricity regulations reducing the use of other fuels puts a dangerous demand on an electric system that is only allowed to build wind and solar power which is not safe and cost effective. Many more power lines need to be run through fire prone areas to accommodate these so called environmentally safe power sources.
What’s caused the wildfires?
According to a report filed to the California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday, a “broken jumper” – which connects power lines to towers

TVA spends millions of dollars flying and inspecting the lines and right of way to prevent these problems. It costs much more than the regulated amount paid they receive from wheeling power from one utility to another.

Government Grants.

Mississippi should be ashamed and embarrassed to get government grants. A proud state takes pride in not being a burden on other people. Most government grants come with strings attached like painting bike lanes or forced school busing. The one today that caused a problem is the warning sirens that blasted after 9 o’clock this morning. It has become the boy who cried wolf. I understand there needs to be tests like on the first Saturday each month at noon. But that never happens at the same time. Another problem is the county wide use when there is no need for the southern county to be warned of a northern county problem. This is a result of government grants and people not being responsible for their own community.

If Mississippi does not want the reputation of always being last we need to refuse grants and be proud that we can take care of our selves.

Freedom and Responsibility

I see marketing of new products, drugs, machines, fads, and other things consumers are tempted with. This world economy runs on exchanges of something for something else. The problem is with world corruption are these exchanges fair and just. Do they benefit humanity or take away what it is to be human. For example freedom to abuse your health ends up forcing others to pay for your lack of responsibility. Tax and insurance collected from those being responsible for their freedoms paying for those not being responsible. Government plays favorites with its laws departments and selective enforcements. Bribes, exchanges of favors and other under the table wink and nods result in innocent people getting hurt and paying for decisions by people in power that have no idea of the results of their actions.

The solution is not to save people from their ow lack of responsibility but remove government safeguards and let charity decide who they help and who should live with the results of their own lack of responsibilities.


Noise can contribute to adverse health effects, including sleep disturbance, hearing loss, and decreased performance. Projects and policies can be designed and implemented to reduce noise related to airports and highways and to mitigate the health impacts of noise on nearby populations. Examples include constructing sound barriers around high- ways, using road surface materials that produce less noise, and changing airport runway use patterns, flight path locations, and hours of operation. Trains, buses, planes, and other machines exceed the normal sound human ears can stand. Prolonged exposure to noise damages the ears.

Found that the system significantly breaches the threshold of what is safe for our ears. To protect hearing, both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization recommend an average exposure limit of 70 decibels (dB) over the course of 24 hours. But what we measured exceeds that limit: Our samples show the average noise levels on all subway platforms and on all subway rides (inside subway trains) is between 72.5 and 76.5 dB and between 74.1 and 75.8 dB, respectively. And, with maximum readings actually as high as 119 dB on platforms and 120 dB on rides—based on actual recorded data within the sample—the NYC subway is likely an auditory minefield. (See for full data.)

Trade Deals

Profit is the only factor discussed in trade deals. The problems stem from not have laws controlling destruction of the environment. Many U.S. firms use China and other countries to get around the U.S. laws on pollution. If the trade deals do not include common sense rules on destruction of the environment then we can not afford the cheap price of goods.
Some smog-stricken regions in China were found to have relaxed tight controls on polluting industries such as steel and cement in the second half of 2018, contributing to a rebound of smog last winter. The carbon market, the government’s primary climate-action plan, has been significantly downsized while coal consumption picked up again last year.

Needed Abilities

With finite resources demanded by more populations people are going to do with less. Public services such as water and electricity require natural resources and educated workers. The protesters do not have the skills to improve their services and the land does not have the resources such as clean water and materials to get it to the public. What they do have is oil that adds to global warming which world wide is declining in value.

Iraq has the world’s fourth-largest reserves of oil, but 22.5% of its population of 40 million were living on less than $1.90 (£1.53) a day in 2014, according to the World Bank. One in six households has experienced some form of food insecurity.
The unemployment rate was 7.9% last year, but among young people it was double that. And almost 17% of the economically active population is underemployed. Lacking the skills and ability to pay for the cost of children in not even thought of by the people who make families. This is a problem world wide which no politician or corporation is willing to talk about because the solution of less population means no more growth in economies.