Education, where is Tupelo?

China has been building the equivalent of almost one university per week.
It is part of a silent revolution that is causing a huge shift in the composition of the world’s population of graduates.
Reflecting this former supremacy, among 55 to 64 year olds almost a third of all graduates in the world’s major economies are US citizens.
But that is changing rapidly among younger generations. In terms of producing graduates, China has overtaken the United States and the combined university systems of European Union countries.
In the United States, students have been struggling to afford university costs. In Europe, most countries have put a brake on expanding their universities by either not making public investments or not allowing universities to raise money themselves.
It isn’t simply about bigger student numbers. Students in China and India are much more likely to study mathematics, sciences, computing and engineering – the subjects most relevant to innovation and technological advance.

While the U.s. limits the number of doctors and puts focus on jobs not research.This suggests that an increase in “knowledge workers” does not lead to a decline in their pay, unlike the way that technological advancement and globalisation have pushed down the earnings of poorly-educated workers. While Tupelo puts its money to tourism and low wage service work. Most manufacturing will be done by robots so when CDF pats itself on the back for making jobs it will bring a high unemployment future and pollution.
The real challenge for Western countries is to prepare for future competition with Asian economies in the knowledge sector.In the latest round of the OECD Pisa tests, the 10% most disadvantaged 15-year-olds in Shanghai scored higher in mathematics than the 10% most privileged 15-year-olds in the United States.

We have a big problem as we put all the efforts into integration we lost the goal of education.Success will go to those individuals, universities and countries that are swift to adapt, slow to complain and open to change. The task for governments will be to ensure that their countries rise to these challenges.

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