“Facing five times the debt of previous generations and relatively small savings, many retirees are making fundamental lifestyle changes. Some senior citizens will either have to work longer, move to less expensive places or pare back their spending” WSJ

The baby boomers are a product of pubic education to make workers/consumers to make the economy grow. They did not grow up in the depression and failed to learn a philosophy of life early. The marketing propaganda telling these gullible souls that spending is the way too happiness but failed to present the real math. With schooling putting its efforts into sports, entertainment, fashion, socialism, integration, and testing, the education goals were lost to the businesses who lobbied for workers rather than intelligent people with wisdom. The top private schools taught Greek and Latin along with all the ancient sapience. The name of the game like the Pied Piper was to enjoy sentience. Never put off a purchase if you can borrow the money. Spend your tax return before you get it. Have children you can not afford. Drive a new car. Eat at fast food. Etc., etc., etc.

Now the government promised Social Security, Medicare, a senior life of travel and having fun with grand children. The population went from 200 million in 1964 to 320 million today and most new workers are immigrants making much less unable to support the government programs. The country has had a trade deficit for decades with more money leaving the country that our production can trade for. Years of political propaganda and spending to boost employment have failed to keep up with costs and lifestyles. So what happens when we have to tighten our belts? We spend less and buy less which means less workers are needed. This creates unemployment and underemployment which reduces income taxes paid to the government. In turn the government has to borrow more and or spend less. That is a cut in benefits for people already in debt.

Can you see where this is going? Perhaps we need to change education to fit reality instead of wishful thinking. Start thinking about the pharmaceutical industry and how its marketing supports TV news and why the news will never tell you that drugs do not solve problems they just mask it. Do you want your children to be slaves to industry?

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