Mix cultures?

“Nearly 10 attacks were made on migrants in Germany every day in 2016, the interior ministry says.
A total of 560 people were injured in the violence, including 43 children.
Three-quarters of the attacks targeted migrants outside of their accommodation, while nearly 1,000 attacks were on housing.
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open up Germany to people fleeing conflict and persecution has polarised the country and boosted hate crime.”
We all understand the human suffering that goes on in the world. Much of it is due to disagreements of how to live and survive. Beliefs are strong ingrained training that do not leave the person in different surroundings. The very concept of human rights do not apply to many who observe a pecking order from millions of years ago. The physical strength and appearance of the dominate member results in expectations from all in its presents. When a way of life is challenged many fight rather than accept the differences. It is not wise to take an over powering number and challenge one’s domestic culture. The reason why the U.S. in the past has faired well is because of limited immigration numbers that give time to assimilate. In the present many illegals are over powering the culture and that causes problems. Same with any group that forms its own homeland identity in a land of different cultural beliefs.

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