Trump BS

We know almost every government official does not tell what is going on truthfully or tell us their true feelings about issues. Lots of horse trading is going on that would make the public puke. Perhaps it is time to end a democratic republic as we know it and have a draft of ordinary citizens represent the local pubic. No campaigns and money spent marketing issues just common sense and a will to talk truthfully about the pros and cons of what leaders face.

The media has gotten way to powerful and a monopoly which is forming public opinion rather than the citizens having the data to make their own minds up about the issues. We should separate facts from entertainment and the media opinion.

3 Responses to “Trump BS”

  1. jnewman says:

    Why do you think it is the media that has gotten to powerful. I would suggest that the citizenry has gotten to lazy to ferret out the truth due to laziness or an inability to read and analyze what they read. After all it is a discernment process to get through the BS.

  2. fwiw says:

    Television news has become a sleezy product that is tailored to draw an audience of mentally disfunctional volatile people who have been convinced they are being cheated. Problem is both sides of the aisle are being cheated by lobbyists and the GOP vs Dem political battles are mostly just for show like Georgia wrestling matches.

    • Lisa says:

      How do we repair a broken system? Is it necessary to market leaders in a democratic republic? The evolved psychological manipulation of the average I.Q. has become a profitable science. How do we get low level functioning adults to think and evaluate humanity’s problems intelligent enough to pick effective representatives?

      How do we use incentives, punishment and meaning to improve both capitalism and socialism?

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