Health, Follow The Money

We all want to enjoy being healthy. Most health problems come from two main sources. Genetic and environment are the main reasons for problems with health. Today we have testing for genetic problems before birth and it is up to the parents to decide the fate of the unborn child and it life long adjustment to its genes and all the issues that come with being unique.

On the other side is the environment which entails many factors such as education, food, experiences, drugs, parental care and directions, etc. Much of life long health is controllable before it becomes a costly problem. It takes willpower for example to eat right, exercise or understanding of risks in sports and other activities. Each individual has to weigh the risk problems against their behavior. How has the incentive changed when the government forces everyone to pay for health care regardless of having the willpower to do things to avoid health problems. When you have to pay why avoid the risks?

Then we have the issues of who profits from poor health? The health care industry has no incentive to see you do not need their services. Insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment industry, millions of care takers and doctors, investors in these industries all want as many consumers as they can muster. Not to mention the malpractice Lawyers all do not want to see the population not needing health care.

If we are going to fix the system we need to follow the money and make incentives to not need the products of the health care industry.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Faced with competition, some pharmaceutical companies are cutting deals with insurance companies to favor their brand-name products over cheaper generics. Insurers pay less, but sometimes consumers pay more.

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