What do we really known about the future and chaos? Most humans use a heuristic approach to solving problems they do not have a strong background in dealing with complex problems.. This concept creates many unintended results for our future and the direction of the whole mass. Our expectations are based on math and a calculated results based on information of the past. Cause and effect to work, needs a high probability of past actions. When we lack the data and or experience of our every action and have no control of other people’s actions we have a future that has many anomalies.

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  1. fwiw says:

    Our greatest threat is our inability to recognize and elect individuals who are capable of insightful comprehension of the ‘big picture’ and the courage to act in our best interest regardless of their own personal popularity. But then what does Maciavelli say about situations such as ours today?

  2. jnewman says:

    I used to tell my children that I wondered why every time they screwed up it created an emergency for me. I never thought of that as an anomaly, just normal/

  3. Lisa says:

    “It has always been much easier (because it has always seemed much safer) to give a name to the evil without than to locate the terror within.”

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