To Be or Not To Be a Consumer

Is the simple life a better life? Is free time better than being busy? Is thinking more rewarding than doing?

Our economy is based on being a worker/consumer but when basic needs are met does working more for material goods bring the purpose of life better meaning? Lots of questions with very complicated debates.

2 Responses to “To Be or Not To Be a Consumer”

  1. jnewman says:

    It is fun being a consumer, especially when someone else is paying for the consumerism. The simple life is peaceful but boring. Thinking can just complicate things. For instance, I lead a simple life and have my basic needs met. What and why would I waste my brain power thinking. I would actually end up working at thinking about I know not what.

  2. fwiw says:

    The media and internet do an excellent job of convincing us that we deserve everything that is dangled in front of us. And of course the corporate/political management of the economy has made “buy today-pay later with zero interest” the status quo for young adults. But when this train runs off the rails who will get caught in the wreck?

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