CRISPR can be described as a pair of designer molecular scissors because of its core function: to home in on specific 20 letter DNA sequences and cut apart both strands of the double helix. This function allows gene-editing so the scientists can do repair and changes in the genes which are the maps for the cells that make life.

This opens the door to many questions about ethics, morals, religion, laws and many other areas for example designer humans or the perhaps the end of death. Our society is wasting its time on emotional candy as we have a a responsibility to control the course of humanity. Why is the media spending time on people’s sex lives when the whole future is depended on the citizens understanding science and the few using it to meet their idea of what the future should be?

“A Crack in Creation” by Jennifer A. Doudna

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  1. Lisa says:

    At MIT an associate professor in biological engineering is researching ways to kill superbugs with a biological tool called Crispr-Cas9 that edits DNA. This combination of gene editing and viruses that attack bacteria could help scientists fight antibiotic resistance. WSJ

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