Opportunity or Marketing?

Many doors are called opportunities when they are opened by a marketer. The only real opportunities are those you create yourself. Those successful billionaires that started with nothing did not wait for some big corporation to build a plant or government to give them a job.

An example is the marketing for Presidents Day is presented by the news media as and opportunity to buy for less when in fact the retailer pays the same for the goods as he does all year unless he is getting a volume discount. This means you can get the cheaper price anyway as long as you talk with the owner. Many people are suffering from the psychological manipulation of propaganda and never ever know they are pawns used by the people in power.

Perhaps public schools should teach the psychology used to make the citizen into a worker/consumer.

5 Responses to “Opportunity or Marketing?”

  1. fwiw says:

    Who are the people in power?

    Compare billionaires who are truly self made to those who began in a millionaire family.

    We are a nation of suckers for media advertising and easy credit.

  2. Lisa says:

    Our whole economy is based on consumption. Using material goods to gain pleasure requires training provided by both parents and school. The people that profit from the masses consuming are not going to take the role of virtue to save resources or provide a philosophy to the next generation to be frugal.

  3. Lisa says:

    Between corruption, many shell corporations and bookkeeping we will rarely learn who is pulling the strings.

  4. jnewman says:

    Our whole economy is based on consumption? Did you consume anything today? Are services, like medical service, considered consumption?

    • Lisa says:

      Using the web is consuming Comcast services. Food, utilities, insurance, lightbulbs, and yes all services including medical are consumables. Anything you acquire and pay for. Even a mortgage is a consumable.

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