Father’s Day

It is getting more and more difficult to be a father in modern society. Being the head of a family responsible for raising children and supporting the family in so many ways have drove some men to an early grave. It costs $250,000 just to get a child through high school and much more through college. Then we have coping with the changing morals and ethics or challenging income skills. Hardest of all is finding time for the love and attention all children need. Forget being a pawn manipulated consumer by buying cards or presents and focus on how valuable time is being together.

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  1. Lisa says:

    The idea that fathers get the message that they’re not needed — especially now that social media has increased the platforms by which ideas about good parenting can be offered — is still an issue. For example, a study that recently appeared in The Journal of Child and Family Studies suggests that such as “maternal gate-closing,” the idea that mothers still know the most about childcare, could be overwhelming fathers and negatively affecting their confidence in their own ability to parent.

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