What’s next?

A good number of suggestions for considerations have been put forward. All of them have merit. some more than others. I asking a marketing Professor friend of mine to call me and I am going to ask about an research project to determine actually why people have moved as well as why people who have recently moved to the area did not locate in Tupelo. Guesses and I think won’t due if we really want answers. Secondly we can have a separate committee to deal with the schools. The city has no authority in this area and we are better off keeping the schools out of politics. If we have questions we need to address them to the 5 member Board of Trustees. For those that are interested the Board meets August 9th, at 12 PM at the Hancock Learning Center. I encourage to attend. But please no accusations unless you can back it up with facts.That is why a housing survey is so important. There are a number of suggestions on this site. Please review them and decide which three or four that you think are the most important and something we can do something about. I would like to have another meeting of those interested in continuing. I assume if you are reaading this you are interested in participating. Thursday I will be in Starkville at a program addressing the thinngs that can be done to reduce or eliminate poverty. I think God would like to know how to eliminate it, I know I would.I think this is part of the problems we now face. And yes some of it is racist. But poverty does reside in substandard housing and eliminating the housing only moves the poor to another part of town. Check back to see where the meeting will be held. I hope to use the meeting hall at All Saints Church, possibly Thursday evening. When we have the meeting we need to concentrate on the plan put fwd by the CDF, what we don’t like and what we propose in place of it or new ideas to replace spending our tax money. Our problems did not occure overnight or in the past year and they won’t be solved in a year or two by spending 15 mil. Put your thinking caps on. Thanks for all the support. Now the hard work begins and only you as individuals together can bring about the necessary changes to make Tupelo that shining city on the hill. jim

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  1. fwiw says:

    How is it that the city council has no input regarding the city schools. I do understand that previously the school board was divorced from city hall but that divorce can be annulled I would assume. We can’t have a school administration that is aloof from public criticism. The school boards arrogant aloofness was the cause for the uproar which was the spark for all this public interest.

    • Lightning says:

      Why don’t we tap the Sociology Department at UM or MSU. What does ICC have? And there are four variables in the decision tree for middle class algorhythm. Those moving to Tupelo area that locate in or out of the City limits and those that are in the City (with a choice) that either stay or leave.

      To leave out the school system is a mistake. That is the #1 issue and to think that the public doesn’t have a choice is apathetic. The citizens are the ones that forced the most recent change. A citizens’ committee may force a change in politics that provide for a better TPSD Board. If it is not considered, it is a cop out.

  2. Austin says:

    I attended the 1st meeting, and spoke, in a “rambling” way, and have had trouble finding the web site.
    Therefore I was unaware of the meeting tonight.
    I look forward to being a contributing member of this grass roots organization Mr. Newman has fathered..
    I’ve read all the previous comments and suggestion and I’m very impressed with the interest of the participants. My goal is to catch up and listen for now.

    I think there are some very good people in our city gov’t. who have our interests at heart.

    Our forefathers, who gave us this great democratic form of gov’t probably started out in much the same way as we have. They were very smart, foresightful and unselfish people. It seems to me that we have failed; only when we have diviated from the course they plotted for us.

    We have a lot of resources,as others have mentioned. Our Neighborhood
    Associations can be very helpful in identifying problem areas and we can work with and through them to reach some of our goals.

    I think grants and entitlements(among other things) have brought us to the brink of financial disaster.I would like for Tupelo to be; “The Little City That Could” excell withouts grants. And wean ourselves from the “public trough” and be an example to other small (and large) cities. We can do this, on our own, as responsible people.

    Education and self reliance are keys to success. I think we need a TPS Supt. from this area who knows the problems and strengths that are unique to our area. You don’t have to have a Phd. to run a business and be successful. So, the same principal should apply to our schools. I don’t think for 1 minute that those who serve on the school board don’t have the best interests of Tupelo at heart. I do think they have overlooked some local talent, and barricaded themselves from the teachers and administrators who usually know what needs to be done; without interference from the board. We have lost some very good educators to Lee Co. Schools because of this. And we have lost some very good residents for the same reasons. As we go forward; we should seek guidence and council and be patient in our deliberations.

  3. fwiw says:

    If Tupelo City schools are off the table there is little reason to be involved. In past years the city council recognized that the greatest problem they faced was the schools with regard to race, social class and political connections so the school board was made a sacrosanct committee and handed the responsibility. Obviously that was a mistake. And correcting that mistake should be at the first priority in efforts to renew the city.

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