Government at War With Itself

The fight between cultures and poetical philosophy rages on. Everyone is steadfast in their beliefs. The real problem of growing population reduces resources for each individual. The earth and nature only have so much to offer and using natural resources faster than nature can provide means we are destroying the future for our children. Not everyone has the ability to understand a finite world and limited resources. Many others do not want to admit limits and finite. A system where we borrow from the future and promise to pay it back does not always work since people believe that are capable of doing more than the reality of what can be done. Then we have death where people borrow and never pay it back. Student loans are just one example as is the government debt because they have control of inflation which means they never pay back what the borrowed. This may work when the world has excess resources but not when we are using resources faster than they are made.

The intentions of Democrats looks good on paper but does not work with real humans. The policy of Republicans looks good to an imaginary God but do not work in reality with real people. Many of our laws are not enforced because of lack of resources and the fact that most people break laws which we can not afford put all of them away. Selective enforcement just tears the country apart a goal our enemies would love to happen.

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