MS Governor Supporting Lawyers

The birth control bill the Governor signed today is unconstitutional and will be over turned. The legal fees are a big waste of taxpayer money. I understand the religious moral traditions of many who live in MS but the government is to support freedom and liberty not religious beliefs.

In the big picture the earth is over populated for its resources and more people in poverty only makes less resources and and pollution for everyone. Growth is not an option as we head to the 22 century. Women’s rights are also an issue as they should not be forced to create lives they can not support or have the abilities to raise as good citizens. It takes more than just being female to raise children that are ready to be adults in a world of a declining environment.

Think long and hard before you elect leaders that rule with misguided religious traditions that do not match the reality we face.

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  1. jnewman says:

    When ever a political party has a super majority in both houses of the Legislature, as in Mississippi, it becomes next to impossible for the opinions of the minority to be protected. In this case it is doubly hard. First the Republicans control both houses and can do anything they want. Second women’s rights fail to exist thus reducing women to minority status. When religious legislation denies anyone freedom we are loosing our right to practice the religion of their choice. Why did the Pilgrims bother to come to the new land if not to be free to practice freedom of religion. The time has come to re-balance our legislature with people who believe in freedom of choice. Women should not be slaves to men who are compliscent in creating a situation in which they can walk away from with no penality or responsibility.

  2. Lisa says:

    (Reuters) – A U.S. federal court struck down North Carolina’s decades-old ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, saying any “week- or event-specific” abortion ban is unconstitutional.

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