Low Income Housing

Many in poverty can not afford the cost of housing on low wage jobs. The government steps in and subsidized the rest. The problem is more than just not having enough money to pay taxes and repairs. People with low incomes tend to not be responsible especially when they do not own the property.Douglas, the vice president of the Barbara Jean Wright Courts’ tenant association, and other residents say their building suffers from leaky ceilings, mold, infestation, mice, shoddy repairs and a landlord who is slow to respond to their concerns.

People have to realize that living quarters require daily maintenance such as cleaning, disposing of garbage, care in using the equipment and fixtures, preventing pests, etc. Over time everything needs maintenance and or replacement. Landlords factor these cost into the rent. There is no such thing as housing cost below the price of taxes and maintenance. If there were few people would do the work to maintain their living quarters. Homelessness is a product of over population and people not having the ability to live in this demanding culture.

“Inside Public Housing Where Cockroaches Drop From the Wall and Kids are Getting Sick
Illinois’ HUD inspection failure rate is among the worst in the nation. A housing authority has delayed replacing one property for more than a decade. As the need for public housing rises, conditions in the aging structures are deteriorating.” The infestation is due to poor resident style of living and the cost should be on their shoulders not the landlord.

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