Solar and Wind Energy Cause Environmental Problems

Government and the public have been mislead about environment friendly energy production. Much of the equipment has a life of less than 25 years and has to be rebuilt.Turbines from the first great 1990s wave of wind power are reaching the end of their life expectancy today. About two gigawatts worth of turbines will be refitted in 2019 and 2020. And disposing of them in an environmentally-friendly way is a growing problem. The same with solar collectors and batteries. The spotted owl can no longer fly through the protected woods because they are too dense. Paper bags were replaced with plastic which is not biodegradable

The we’ll meaning followers of the environmental fad did not do their homework along with many politicians. The same problem today as we are marketed electric cars which are not as efficient as gas automobiles. Then we have cell phones which are causing more damage. Medical insurance gives people a license to take risks with their health as others pay for the damage. Welfare cuts creative living ideas and makes for over population which is the real cause of a degrading environment and loss of the quality of life.

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