Science is a Tool used to Find Reality.

Many think Science is a thing done by scientists but many scientists do not practice real science.  Many speculate and call it science. Evidence alone is not scientific proof.  Just as a jury looks for the preponderance of the evidence they still are speculating on reality.  Science needs to be able to duplicate the actions of the evidence and come to the same outcome 100% of the time to prove something. When they come out with 99% of the time they are only suggesting probability.

Our Universe has many unknowns and for practical conditions we accept probability as a good tool for cause and effect.  But it still lacks reality because of random unknowns.

Our media and Government today tries to gain authority by sloppy speculation based on false evidence and faked data. Then they call it science because they get people with science degrees to agree with them.  A science degree does make the evidence needed to prove reality.

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