Presidency 2.0

President Obama enters his second term as President of the United Sates with a 52% approval rating while the Republicans hold a 26% approval and the Speaker of the House an 18% approval rating. I would think that this is President Obama’s moment to fulfill the dream he created when he first ran for President. “Change” He can go big and become the leader he can be. However, the list of obstacles is formidable. Immigration reform. Gun control. Sequestration. Debt ceiling. Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security reform. Energy policy. Mental health. Ending what ever you call the Afganastan occupation.Yes there will be Republicans who view things differently, but that does not require them to block action without an alternative. The President can lead with confidence and expect passage of legislation that addresses these issues.

Things are great on Wall Street and not so great on Main Street. While the stockmarket has fully recoverd and exceeded the 2009 levels the unemployment level has improved back to it’s 2009 level but there are more people in poverty and thousands have just plain stopped looking for employment.

Can Congress pass legislation for a budget while kicking the can down the road on raising the debt ceiling for the next three months? Needs a leader.
Saying “I will not negotiate on the debt ceiling” is not being a leader.

The American public approve legislation by wide margins to require all guns sold to have a background check, eliminating the seni-automatic assualt rifes and limiting gun clips to ten or less. Can pass but requires a leader.

There are so many opportunities to lead American back to the pre-eminate position in the world, but it takes leadership. How do I define leadership. One who is willing to take a chance at loosing is a leader. John Wayne defined it, as well as courage, as the willingness to mount up even knowing you could be shot. Of the past eight Presidents serving two terms, only two, Ronals Reagan and William J. Clinton have left office with higher ratings than when they entered office. It would be nice to see that become three.

So Presidency 2.0 begins. No honeymoon, just back to to work and hopefully not the same ole story. While America, for the next four years, will surive it can blossome with a leader willing to lead. I pray for both courage and leadership for our President.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Government is not leadership. The function of government is to provide protection of rights and defense of property ownership. Neither democrats nor Republicans can speak for all Americans, as one size does not fit all. We have millions of laws that are not being enforced or selectively enforced. 3 million are in prison a higher percentage of any population in the developed world. Leadership is not about chance. Leadership is about being correct and successful. Leaders need charisma and highly qualified support. Obama has neither.

    Congress needs to dismantle poor legislation from the past that has paralyzed the country. Much of the laws is selective and only benefits a few such as the health care law as it makes congress members special and not part of the rest of the citizens. The public is not the best authority on quality of life or the laws. The public always votes for more services and less taxes, this is not being responsible. The public has shown it is not responsible that is why we have a democratic republic rather than a pure democracy. We should be electing people that are smarter not celebrities that are selected by corporate owned media and marketing. John Wayne also would not support taking guns away from the public even if he was 4F and did not serve in the military. The problem with the public is responsibility. Few have had the chance to suffer the consequences of being irresponsible.

    As for the stock market it has lost 4 years and never will recover as long as we import more than we export and spend more than we make. I see very little change in the president being responsible. If any changes are to come it will have to be from the public.

    • jnewman says:

      Government in and of itself is not leadership but leadership is required to cause government to function. One size does not fit all in our Republic. That is why two of the three branches , the Executive and the Congress is elected by the people individually. One nationally, one has two branches, the Senate based on two reps per state and the other, House of Representatives is based on state population. The third branch is the courts and they are independent and appointed for life and not subjest to anything other than the constitutiion. We the people get what we deserve by electing our representatives. Unfortunately we expect Congress, House and Senate, to represents our interests. Unfortunately much of the time they are not true to their oath of office and represent those that lobby with the most money. You are right, we need to clean up all those laws that are obosolete as well as those not being enforced. We don’t need laws that can be selectively enforced to make a few toe the line. That said we could start with the tax laws and all those loop holes that millions of dollars fall thru.

      As for the stock market, they have taken care of themselves. There are still millions of dollars put out to the top echelons of hedge funds, trading houses and major banks. Things can change if President Obama’s words of today are followed up with action by the President. Yes, it will be hard because the American people do not get off their duffs and demand action by their legislators. Check out our All American City, the State of Mississippi and on and on goes the apathey. Maybe it is to late, but I am not willing to stop trying. There is nothing wrong with a progressive liberal agenda. It will be tempered before it becomes law. In the meantime I wonder what we will kick down the road next.

      I hope for a better tomorrow but know without my being involved, nothing will happen. If you join me our chance of success is doubled. We don’t have to agree, just challeng the status quo to prove its on firm ground for all of us.

      • Austin says:

        You both make some good “idealistic” points. However, they are just that: idealistic!
        Didn’t you get the memo? We live in a world that is far from idealistic!
        Jim, you are right, we need leaders! Uh, we don’t have many..
        Wars, social adgendas, education and infrastructure all require money. We are, for all intents and purposes, bankrupt! And morally as well.
        My dislike and disrespect for this 2nd term Obozo aside; I don’t see how anybody could re-tool AMERICA, quick enough to save her from her unworthy,uneducated,greedy inhabitants.
        Part of the problem with un employment is technology! Robots are cheaper than employees; and getting cheaper every day.We have manufacturing in America, but robots don’t pay S.S.I taxes, union dues, or income tax. They are re-placeable and deductable.
        So, what are we to do? Pay people to do nothing?
        If anybody can figure this out; please send me a copy of the memo..Thanks

        • fwiw says:

          Do we pay people to do nothing or do we build exclusive gated communities to keep the poor away from us and out of site to starve in their “townships,” Austin? The poor have very little influence over government or industry. What choices do the poor have?

          • Austin says:

            You know who I’m talking about. Its the physically able. but educationally bankrupt people who don’t want to work or can’t find suitable employment because of their dismal lack of knowledge. Its also illegal immigrants who have been given an income, housing, med. benefits and have invested nothing in America.
            They are economically and socially strangling America.
            For thew record: I personally feel like I have no influence over gov’t and/or industry.
            Those of us who can, gate our properties to protect what we have worked and paid for; that others covet.
            I am perfectly willing to help people who will help themselves rise to better jobs. I don’t have much apathy for those who won’t help themselves.
            The jobs that come back from China will be filled by robots or highly educated people.
            There will always be poor people; and there will be always be minimum wage labor jobs. Thats how capitalism works!

        • fwiw says:

          The wealthy industrialists paid these young people enough that they starved slowly, Austin.


          Is that what we must do to bring jobs back from China?

  2. Lisa says:

    “One size does not fit all in our Republic. That is why two of the three branches “
    The three branches are for checks and balances not to provide alternate views. People are inherently corrupt and the three branches are to keep honesty the best it can. Executive orders have been abused and the courts are not doing their function because no one is challenging the orders. The constitution called for the state leaders to pick the senators but the law was changed when state leaders could not agree. The idea was to balance uneducated public with the more informed state leaders. The public interests are not always the best interests as the public does not want to take the medicine.

    Laws are enacted to provide a fear in the public to obey. The government simply does not have the means to put all law breakers in prison. 90% of crime goes unpunished. It takes a culture to enforce humane living conditions and the public culture has been eroded by laws stopping the main tool they have and that is discrimination. We all discriminate in every day life. The food we eat the cloths we ware and the friends we make. Common sense and courtesy go a long way to civil living. The government can not provide them. It is community discrimination that molds local cooperation. Alexis De Tocqueville talks about the tyranny of community in America in his book “Democracy in America”

    “There are still millions of dollars put out to the top echelons of hedge funds”
    The problem with lots of money is it becomes power to be abused. The government is 16 trillion in debt because it has made laws to benefit those that can buy laws. Passing unearned power from one generation to another is the problem. Fix the tax laws on passing money and property. If you want equal it starts from the conditions of birth and the abilities to grow your own wealth. The next big problem is school loans and no one wants to disturb the education industry scams. Over a trillion in unsecured loans on people that have no opportunity to work in a field they are trained in. We should not be training children to labor in things that are not wanted or that do not led to survival. If anything all children should get a Liberal Arts education and go from a starting point of understanding the world.

    “There is nothing wrong with a progressive liberal agenda.”
    That is a perception that is unsupported and has no evidence. It depends on what results you want to happen. So far when people do not have to make efforts such as in many socialist societies the noticeable amount of innovation and improvements only comes during war.
    Perhaps the first question to ask is what do people want? Quality of life? A higher standard of living? More love or family? Independence of restraining rules? Longer life or a more exciting life? Many questions need to be answered before an agenda is worked on for all the people. Yes I am willing to work for the united community but exactly what will the community be united for? I think these issues have not been addressed as the majority of apathetic citizens have never achieved the education to even think about them.

  3. Lisa says:

    So, what are we to do? Pay people to do nothing?
    If anybody can figure this out; please send me a copy of the memo..Thanks
    You are correct that machines are better than humans to repeat tasks. That means humans are valuable when they create. We must cultivate being creative and innovative. Thinking outside the box requires practice and willingness to go against the norm. I posted several areas of growth and leadership roles in cutting edge research. Such as bio-plastic-electric circuits that could change the electronic industry. Areas in quantum computers and entanglement research will propel economics and we need to be at the foundation. Organic foods are another growing area with high potential. MS has plenty of clay and little research on how to use it.

    The future is not in job training but in research abilities and creativity. This does not happen when you teach to the test or use Skinner/Pavlov training methods. If we stop taking Federal money with strings attached designed to make obedient worker consumers just maybe we can change course.

    The top young children leave because of lack of acceptance of out side the box thinking. It just might dethrone those now in powers. Funding jobs at Ashley or praising a Gap outlet store in the mall is not the path to solving the future. Outlet stores are down grading quality.

  4. Lisa says:

    “Hillary Clinton told the whole truth about the four State Dept. employees who were “fired”. They are on a leave with pay.”


    We have voters that know nothing about what they are voting for it becomes a sporting event where you cheer for the team your friends is cheering for. The media hides the issues and replaces them with feel good marketing. Public education does not address questioning the given answers because then multiple choice tests would not be a measure of ability and teachers would have to be more creative in assessing student abilities. The whole system needs to be fixed from bottom to top but that would crumble the present power structure including those in power.

  5. Lisa says:

    “And then what?”

    The question all politicians should be asking of their actions. What we are living with are leaders with very little foresight to their actions.

  6. fwiw says:

    But Austin, what would you propose we do with those you classify as unworthy of your help?

  7. fwiw says:

    And where would the GOP’s right wing standard bearer Ryan be if not for his years of mooching off the system?–lose-or-straw

    The GOP does such a poor job of vetting their leaders. Even the comedians see through the hoopla.

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