Teachers are Not the Problem

“Let’s hold teachers accountable.”


Political propaganda, teachers have no control over education as the government provides the rules to dumb down the students. Busing has been a failure as big schools that take children away from walking to school. Integration will not happen in schools and putting children on public transit has destroyed education and cultural integrity. Teachers average the lowest IQ of all college graduates. Many quit in the first few years. Without experience in success in the private sector teachers become professional students with a goal to please the administration.

Hold administration accountable. Measure student success by if the can demonstrate skills projects in their inspirations. The student should be able to function in society and start a business by the time they graduate from H.S. They should have morals and ethics of the community and be able to qualify to enter college.

Stop hiring teachers and start hiring mentors as most everything can be found on the web. The model of the classroom is not fit for every type of learning style. Stop grouping children by age and group students by ambitions and abilities.

Teachers are not the problem the system is the problem.

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