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Just a thought. We have about 5 or 6 individuals  that think clearly and see things from a myriad of perspectives. Would any of you be willing to meet on a monthly basis and talk about Tupelo problems and possible solutions? We as a city are  in trouble and I mean bigtime. Tuesday’s morning the DJ published a picture of the apartments on Jackson and reported them as the “DeShong” Apartments. The problem is Judy sold those apartments in the mid or late 90s. The rest of the story is she went ot the DJ and complained. Vigorously and with indignation. After investigation it was uncovered an agreement by the Mayor’s office and promulgated by the City Council not  to reveal the owners name as a condition of sale so the last owners name was used. Ms. DeShong, a Tupelo resident, property owner, taxpayer and business owner was thrown under the bus to save the name of a out of town slumlord. If you don’t believe, when was the last time you saw a correction on the front page of the DJ and the named of the slum lord. And now the Airport’s day in court will finally come. If I understood what I heard yesterday Terry Anderson will finally get his day in court, If the wheels of justice move any slower the present Director will be on his next job. Back to TTT. Could be fun and after the first or second meeting we could invite the press. What fun.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Sure TTT is better than just seeing the media side.


  2. fwiw says:

    Yes Mr Newman. That sounds like a great idea to me. I would be flattered if invited to such a get together.

  3. Rocket#1 says:

    I’m in as long as it is agreed that facts and not opinions carry the day. It is great to bloviate however, the public deserves to know the bottom line truth. Then the Republic decides.

  4. Austin says:

    Rocket # 1

    Just curious; Who would be the fact police person?

    • Lisa says:

      It is the responsibility of the individual to check facts.
      It reminds me of the difference in cultures. A person in the south, told me truth is being kind and making friends. I said it was many times just brutal. It is like the mayor of NY telling the public you are fat because you drink too much sugar and corn syrup, I am going to make a law against it. In the south they set up a health task force on grants and schmooze people with propaganda to join in the club.

    • jnewman says:

      Is one required? Surly we would question what we believe to be not factual. If the topic is to be discussed one should come prepared to defend his position with facts. There are many interpertations of facts, all legitimate, but not necessairly subscribed to by all parties as the correct interperation. If we need a fact police how are we sure his/her position is correct?

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