The Corporate Swindle and Destruction of Individuality.

In the past people ate foods they grew or hunted for. Large scale agriculture brought by division of labor was more efficient and allowed for new occupations such as philosopher or artist. In today’s world, monopolies such as international food companies make one size to fit all. The makings such as corn syrup or processed corn are in most of what you buy in the supermarket. Now much of this corn is also genetically modified. There is no long term data to prove that a large part of human food made from genetically modified and processed corn is healthy.

The bigger problem is we lack a choice in the food available to our society as we are forced to buy from the company store or grow our own with heirloom seeds.

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  1. fwiw says:

    Would any of the Republican’s White House front runners have been slamming Monsanto for any reason? I see the television commercial with a man juggling chain saws that are running and recognize it is more difficult to end that trick than to continue on. Like the people who are upside down in their home mortgages the best option is to hold on to what you have until a significantly better opportunity comes along. Thankfully the White House recognizes that eating Monsanto crops is preferable to grub worms and kudzu.

  2. Lisa says:

    The FDA has been a political football for a long time. If the public are given the choice they can choose risk themselves and not be forced to have the government imposes the risk and healthcare on those that have a better understanding of the individual probabilities rather than the mass one size fits all and we that know better have special rights. Monsanto does not allow GMO foods in its cafeteria.

    People with different ethnic genes have different reactions to different kinds of modified foods. Why not just label them? The corporate world has been experimenting on the public for many years, just as the military has experimented on enlisted men. Tuskegee syphilis experiment, ‘Mississippi appendectomies’, and many more secret government experiments that disregard the rights of citizens have taken corporate values over morals and ethics.

    Before GMO the U.S. exported food now we have to import it.

    Over population and poverty are due to providing food where there should be less. You can not have children if you can not feed your self. Living within the ability to support yourself is the first responsibility of all citizens.

  3. fwiw says:

    What foods are we importing, Lisa? We are spoiled with an abundance of fresh foods brought in from all over the world. We want water mellons and tomatoes in January so Kroger and Wal-Mart have them flown in. If we let the price of jet fuel climb many will become aware that home grown produce is seasonal.

    • Lisa says:

      Most American farm acres are corporate owned and they grow corn and soy beans. We now import even wheat at one time we were the world’s bread basket. The corn and soy beans are used to feed livestock make fuels and process to additive chemicals and fillers to much of what is in the supermarket basket. We export these chemicals in trade for vegetables and fruits. We sell seeds that are patented and require special conditions to grow fast including agriculture chemicals, corporations also sell. Much of the world’s poor do not have the machinery and money to take advantage of the GMO seeds fast growth yet they are sold to them anyway.

      Remember the developed world is 16% of the world population and uses 75% of the world resources. We simply out bid the poor for food and they do not grow enough to feed themselves.

  4. jnewman says:

    I guess Lee counties largest farmer, Scruggs, should have learned his lesson earlier on genetically modified soybeans. Prior to his law suite Monsanto filed against him, Monsanto won 12 or 13 similar lawsuites. He refused to settle. In the final judgement, which he has appealed, Monsanto won something like $13 million. Monsanto is still undefeated in court. The poor in the world not only are poor but control women by making them walk, in some cases several miles for water. At eight pounds per gallon that is a lot to carry once or twice a day. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all the world had access to just potable water. Many of the worlds poor could raise their own food and some women might gain just a little dignity and equality. Maybe Monsanto could donate some seeds on their own and I bet they wold not have to sue anyone in the third world.

    • Lisa says:

      Are intellectual rights protected world wide? There are many pirates in the world that do not think so. Our very genes are a product of individuals and all those that came before us. Does an individual have a right to profit from an idea? To what extent does that right extend? It needs to extend beyond the point of making the effort worth while but how far past that?

      Unitarianism Whatsoever evil it is possible for man to do for the advancement of his own private and personal interest at the expense of the public interest, that evil, sooner or later, he will do, unless by some means or other, intentional or otherwise, prevented from doing it. -Jeremy Bentham

      The laws of the land have been selectively enforced to favor those with the most power not to benefit the largest amount of people. There simply is not enough potable water or energy to make such water to keep an ever growing population alive. People have been forced off of habitable land to inhabitable land due to over population and free handouts to create more people. Each increase in population divides the resources among more people which reduce the quality of life for all. There is a limit to the amount of food naturally or even mechanically the earth can yield.

      The ramifications of GMO food have never been tested long term and no one knows the problems it will disclose. We do know things like bees brains are altered by GMO plants.
      Much of the negative findings of research are squelched by the big money of Monsanto and others that profit from the same type ideas. Seeds can be had for free from the last year crop; they do not need to be donated. Many of the world’s poor live on $2 a day.

      Our legal system is broke and very few have the will or an incentive to fix it.

    • Lisa says:

      India’s top court rejected a Swiss drug maker’s patent request for a major cancer drug on Monday, ensuring poor patients’ access to many of the world’s best drugs, at least for a while.

  5. Lisa says:

    Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water
    By Maude Barlow

    Even if there was enough clean water the cost of energy, infrastructure, chemicals, and investments would exceed the ability of those 3 billion that live on less than $2 a day with and average water bill of $30 a month.
    We have a huge crisis on resources and the value of human ability to support itself. This is a political hot potato the media does not want to investigate and make the public aware of as it does not make them money.
    This book is an interesting informative read.

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