Tyranny of Selective Enforcement

Who gets to decide who is punished for not obeying the law? Exactly what is the priority of law enforcement when there are not enough resources? Could it be race, gender, income, status in the community, political party, sexual preference, age, etc., that picks a person as an example? The media has a big play in public opinion and what issues are emotionally entertaining. The media is controlled by corporate interests that reflect political power and marketing.

Why does the surveillance of the phone system not address the any no call violations as they have a federal agency that is assigned to enforce that law? Why do the interests of political groups get to arm criminals yet crack down on innocent citizens? Why do billionaires get away with avoiding taxes through loopholes and the average citizen pays a larger part of their hard earned wage  money to the government? Why are large internet companies making billions from as individual is giving freely to the internet?   Why are Americans forced to buy insurance from private business and forced to use and pay for services they do not need?

Our country has come a long way from the ideal of freedom and liberty the founding fathers envisioned. The concepts were being responsible for your life and contribute to the social contract. What we have now is a system where slaves are taken care of by masters, not very well I might add. This is not a system of justice it is a system of power abuse.

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