The Myth of Poverty Solutions

Can poverty be ended with technology? Can 7 billion people live middle class lives? Today 3 billion live on less than $2 a day while 16% of the world population uses 75% of the world resources. If the resources were divided evenly throughout the world each family would have $10,000 a year to live on.

With energy we replace manual labor such as manufacturing and farming. All energy use leaves entropy which is waste heat which has an effect on the environment. For example nuclear power plants convert 1/3 of the heat of the nuclear reaction to electricity the other 2/ 3 is exhausted in heat called entropy then when the electric  is used the other 1/3 is converted back to heat. When that heat is in the air it changes the environment and weather.

GMO foods need more care than natural plants such as fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides and irrigation. All this work and resources require more energy. We are using resources faster than the earth can naturally provide. What about recycling? It needs lots of energy also. Energy production today needs lots of water. Just about all the world’s clean water is being used and many countries are trying desalinization plants that need lots of energy and dump lots of toxic pollution. What about solar and wind? It also needs lots of energy to manufacture and maintain as it also changes the environment.

The consumer cycle of working, consuming for desires, competition, planned

obsolescence and energy use are not sustainable when we look at the earth’s ecology and resources.A solution has yet to be found. The earth can not continue to support the current population growth.

Is poverty just only material wealth?

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