Can We Trust the Media?

It seems much of the broadcast media is done for public consumption and entertainment as well as marketing. The spin machines try to adjust public attitudes and they do in a marjority of cases. Throughout history most people depended on verbeal communication because they could not read well or understand complecated situations, that still holds true today.   Many Americans are focused on their own daily lives and have little time to think about broad public issues essential for a working democracy.

The press takes charge and serves up their ready made solutions and tells the citizen all is well just keep working and spending money.

2 Responses to “Can We Trust the Media?”

  1. fwiw says:

    And locally could this

    be indicative of media spin, Lisa? The Daily Urinal wishes to celebrate the success of Fairpark. WHAT SUCCESS? They can’t give the homes away and what did Tupelo tax payers spend for that urban undevelopement?

  2. Lisa says:

    It seems to me poverty, land use, development and the noise from the railroad and airport are all connected.
    You can not get middle class to buy homes in an area that does not have high paying employment and too much noise and government interference. The middle class likes suburbia. Those that enjoy urban living want everything in walking distance. You cannot build single homes in a city without commercial and retail needs close. Banks and the real estate business want to turn a profit and could care less about the quality of life in the community.

    The very concept of malls and fast food are not what urban dwellers want. Urban dwellers are young aggressive professionals that live on risk not stable home buying families. Tupelo has to decide what kind of culture it wants before it starts building what the culture does not have a passion for.
    A growing body of research suggests that spending money on real estate doesn’t necessarily mean investing in contentment.

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