Tupelo Problems Self Made

Companies like Uber are continually confronting entrenched government bureaucracy and resistant unions of taxi drivers and dispatchers.

Tupelo’s public transportation problems for the poor stem from regulations to protect the taxi business in Tupelo. These rules prevent entrepreneurs from competing for low cost rides to where they need to go. Many of the problems related to poverty in Tupelo are directly related to the rich people that control the local economy and government. Real estate, banks, retail, entertainment, manufacturing, etc., all want the highest profit at the expense of using the ignorance they created with the school system.

Political education should start at home and extend into the school environment. We can not let operant conditioning determine the future of Tupelo’s youth.  

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  1. Lisa says:

    Scientists are one step closer to curing blindness, after they carried out the first successful transplant of light-sensitive photoreceptor cells from a synthetic retina that was grown from embryonic stem cells. But against the law in MS.

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