Growing Disrespect for Government

The more poor laws that are made the fewer people are obeying them. Humans are far from perfect and tightening the screws only leads to rebellion. Laws that continue to put force on human behavior fail in the long run. Laws to be inspected on travel that invade privacy. Laws to watch with pictures, sound and location such as cell phones, security cameras, computer tracking and recording, traffic surveillance, monitoring work, tax records, education records, licenses, security systems, credit cards, discount cards, surveys, drones, voting records, RFID chips, court records, etc. all take freedom to be private away.


A whole industry to circumvent the laws is growing such as radar detectors, surveillance detectors, white noise, hoods, distorting glass, jamming equipment, plastic guns, fake ID, scrambling programs, black market, secrete currency, home made drugs, laser tools, chemicals, etc.


We can not make laws that force people not to be human and we can not behave in ways that endanger others and their rights.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Obama Vetoes Ban on Sale of Some Apple iPhones, iPads.

    So selective enforcement that favors a few is what our government stands for?
    Apple has installed devices that allow the government to track the owner so it gets a free pass?
    How long will the country last?

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