It Takes a Village

Tupelo has been looking for solutions to attracting more desirable citizens. Most of the dream is based on a fictional middle class family belief. Today’s world is different than Ozzie and Harriet but the American dream is still alive. Move out of the city to the suburbs started with public transportation to the city that offered employment and entertainment. Villages grew around the train stops. Most everything was in walking distance since they did not have many cars then. Homes were close together and people knew all their neighbors. Basic needs were in walking distance and the people knew the shopkeepers.


Then came the auto and zoning laws that put residential far from commercial business so you needed a car to get the basics. The suburbs grew farther outside the city and the distances between work and home greater. Soon people spent more time in their cars than with their family and neighbors. Schools started busing and children no longer had neighborhood to play in now everything needed to be done by car.


Tupelo could bring back the village but it needs to change zoning and the concept of making decisions on tax income. Local schools in walking distance along with all basic needs in walking distance. Jobs in local residential areas etc. Public transit connecting the groups of villages.


It takes a change of mindset and a vision. I think the city leaders do not want a village they want tax money.

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