Is Negative Bad?

Pointing out problems seems to be a poor way to motivate people many psychologists proclaim. Understanding cause and effect creates a much higher probability of success. So is it hope and luck or hard work and planning that give the desired result? Many shun hard work and planning as it does not have the immediate good feeling hope gives. Do people do things for feeling or results?


Much of the propaganda in self help books focus on feeling because a depressed person does not take the action required to make things happen. What is it in the mind that makes people successful? Each and every person is different and has a different set of abilities and deficiencies. The government cry is everyone is equal and has programs to force that issue but in an equal world there is no unique way to strive and succeed. If each individual took advantage of their abilities and played down their deficiencies each has a unique chance to succeed in different ways. Do we really want to be equal?


For example many people born blind find a talent that they have that exceeds the sighted persons ability. Our education system needs to help each find their abilities and strengthen them as well as shore up the weak points. Will a common core do that? Does pointing out the problems with smoking result in a bad situation? The tobacco companies fought the facts for years because they had something to lose but today they just are selling more than before except to third world countries. Has the health of Americans improved? Have we just exchanged smoking for other problems? Questions need to be asked even if we do not like the answers but then we just might get depressed as 38 million Americans take antidepressant drugs. Many more take legal and illegal drugs to cope with life.


There is so much to understand and knowledge does make feeling good more difficult but it becomes a unique challenge for each individual. An excellent life long learning goal helps over come the tallest challenges.

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