Can Happiness be bought?

Freedom is another word for what? To be free is to be without being forced to follow the mob. The Pied Piper has no allure for me including TV, music, sports, consumption, partying, dancing, holidays, entertainment, games and most other marketed propaganda to buy happiness. I am an American that should be free from mob rule. But the government has used its taxing power to manipulate people’s lifestyle to fit a standard mold. Free is one size does not fit all. Each individual can have different dreams without causing problems to the ability of others finding their dreams.


I do not ask to be saved, supported, educated, fed, insured, or sheltered. I only ask to have my right to be free protected including having private property. Early on Tocqueville recognized the tyranny of community in America. Each state had their own idea of freedom. Thirteen agreed to join for the purpose of common interests. As time brought different states and views the fight of, too big to fail, came to control the divided interests.


Most came here voluntary to get away from control of loss of freedom and some forced under slavery. The tyranny of community has not changed much under the central control, it just goes underground in a web of polite spin. The fight of subjective and objective continue as long as people are individuals. Without the surprise of individuality life might just be about buying happiness.

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