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Tupelo Census

With all the computers and data sets why are we not cross checking data sets? Census needs to be crossed checked with the motor vehicle records of owner tags and driver licenses. The social security address needs to crosscheck as well as tax records bank records and mail records. Many private marketing databases are much better than the public records.

In April, the American Civil Rights Union, a conservative legal group, sued Walthall County, Miss., for having 124 percent more registered voters than voting-age-eligible residents, based on U.S. Census data. The lawsuit was filed under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, better known as the Motor Voter law, and is the first privately-brought suit to succeed, according to the ACRU.

In the midst of a national debate over voter integrity, a federal court decree is ordering a Mississippi county to purge its voter rolls of dead people, ineligible felons and people who have moved out of a voting area.

Our town is using census numbers for important decisions which I know are not accurate because the construction permits are not reported to the census mail outs. We also have many more registered voters than on the census records.