The Airport, now what?

For years Tupelo airport has been a mismanaged money pit that has caused problems as well as provide d benefits to Tupelo. Does Tupelo need a commercial airport? Is the airport in the best location? Can an airport fund it self? Is it time for a change? Are flights to Memphis a good idea? Are there enough people to support air service? Why should the tax payer support a service that is not sustainable?

There are many questions that need to be answered truthfully and we are not getting honesty from our leaders. It seems to me this whole deal smells of political favors. Feel free to respond as The comments section on the Airport web site does not seem to work at least on my computer.

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  1. fwiw says:

    The public’s apathy and ignorance of what local, state and federal government is and isn’t doing with regard to their well being is appalling. The Tea Party dog and pony show is all huff and puff with nothing gained for anyone who actually works for a living. Did my new ward 2 councilman have a stop sign installed at his home on Clayton? Is anyone surprised? Our local paper and media are mo better than the high school’s weekly paper. Oh well. That’s all that the people of Tupelo want.

  2. Lisa says:

    Jim and I talked about why government does not review the laws they make to see if they produced the intended purpose. Most citizens are not versed in the issues and vote for one issue and peer pressure.

    The tea party win in the beltway was due to votes against the corrupt system rather than for answers. The same will happen in MS if the establishment does not turn out in force.

    Eric Cantor’s Defeat Exposed a Beltway Journalism Blind Spot
    Washington’s provincialism is multiplied by the diminution of nonnational newspapers.
    You can see how corrupt media manipulates the voter.

  3. jnewman says:

    Yes the airport is a money pit. Just as a bus service would be. The airport is not in the right place in todays society. Yes there is enough passengers to support a viable airline. All flights to Memphis are not a solution. The tax payer does not pay for air subsides. These are paid for by the passengers and the airlines ( foreign flag carriers) that fly over our airspace. All pay some form of transportation tax so the general taxpayer is not underwriting the rich. So to speak.

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