Good Day

written by David Byrne and Brian Eno

Saw the wanderin’ eye, inside my heart
Shouts and battle cries, from every part
I can see those tears, every one is true
When the door appears, I’ll go right through, oh
I stand in liquid light, like everyone

I built my life with rhymes, to carry on
And it gives me hope, to see you there
The things I used to know, that one fine

One fine day

In a small dark room, where I will wait
Face to face I find, I contemplate
Even though a man is made of clay
Everything can change that one fine —

One fine day

Then before my eyes, is standing still
I beheld it there, a city on a hill
I complete my tasks, one by one
I remove my masks, when I am done

Then a peace of mind fell over me —
In these troubled times, I still can see
We can use the stars, to guide the way
It is not that far, the one fine —

One fine day


What did the Government expect when it dumped trillions of dollars into the hands of consumers without increasing the resources that money could buy? Workers getting bonuses and hazard pay but not being more productive. Unemployed people making more money than when they were working. There is no common sense in both parties that passed those giveaway bills. The major reason was to buy votes come November. Basically the United States can not afford national health care.

The numbers do not add up, world wide there are less confirmed cases per population than in the U.S. More deaths in the U.S. per cases. It seems that millions are tested positive yet they do not get sick. Something is wrong with the media numbers and very wrong with the information given to the public. There seems to be a vast difference in the cultures of those needing hospital care beyond the elderly that are close to death with or without the virus.

Minorities, black, hispanic, illegals, immigrants, etc. are the majority of deaths. Poverty?, Genetics?, Lifestyles? Occupations? The media is pulling a fast one not investigating the real numbers and causes. They are just interested in promoting their agenda, propaganda, and politics.

In the end the poor are going to be poorer. The U.S. is losing the dollar as an accepted world currency.



When Patrick Henry famously said “give me liberty or give me death” in 1775, he didn’t add under his breath “unless a virus shows up.” If we wish to reclaim our freedoms we will have to fight – peacefully – for them. As Thomas Paine wrote in 1776, “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”


Wink: Give Us $5 Monthly Or Lose Access to Your Devices. Wink is a software company that makes an app to control home appliances using your cell phone. The very idea of paying more than once for a product you bought is not only extortion but also immoral. The globalization of many cultures has brought a lack of morals and ethics to humanity. It seems what works in one community with all the other expectations does not work in another culture that has different social order and exceptions. Scammers do not worry about being punished so they continue. Our government makes millions of laws it has no intention of enforcing. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are just historical documents that mean close to nothing to our elected leaders that are hell bent on treating the citizens like a heard of animals.

As we have seen trying to keep people locked up and obeying will lead to another revolution where the paper dollar has no value. The world of powerful men have destroyed the very principles this country was founded on the idea that individuals only have themselves to blame if they can not survive on their own. Keeping people alive with handouts makes them slaves.

Unbelievable; “San Francisco is supplying free drugs and alcohol to homeless people who are staying at city-leased hotels. The San Francisco Department of Public Health defended the city providing free alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes to the homeless by saying it is necessary to prevent people from breaking quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak.”

Ellis Island

All immigrants entering the U.S. had to be tested and inspected to avoid bringing health and mental problems into the U.S. There was no government provided health or welfare services. The processing procedure included a series of medical and mental inspection lines, and through this process, some 1% of potential immigrants were deported. When approved to enter the U.S. the immigrants were on their own to survive.

Today we have millions entering the U.S. with many health problems including commutable deadly diseases as well being pregnant and handicapped expecting the taxpayer to support them. Non of these people are inspected to see if they are worthy of surviving on their own. It seems that diversity has its drawbacks as a large percentile of these foreigners end up using our public assistance services. New York hospitals are over run with people that could not survive the American culture on their own.

Opportunity to Use Virus Experience

It seems that many problems have been amplified due to the results of world wide health issues. We can learn and come up with plans to improve the quality of life learned form the obvious problems. We know the importance of good health but rarely practice the necessary habits to achieve it. We know about mental problems but rarely take care of them till it is too late. We know about economic problems but think we can buy our way out of the limited resources. We know government debt causes inflation but refuse to hold government accountable. We have huge problems down the road to all this money being printed by the Federal Reserve to satisfy the political reputation and elections. More money does not create more resources. Poverty is a problem that making more children is not going to solve.

Use this experience wisely to improve humanity. Emotions will not solve the problems.

Lack of Knowledge Leading the Dumb

The media is a fear campaign to control the masses. It seems most of the dead have very poor health and were going to die soon anyway. Is is alright to keep people who are near death alive longer? Who makes out? the medical industry? Much of the information on TV is not giving the whole picture and details of reality. First fact is UV-c 222 nm light can destroy the virus without harming humans. It is UV-a light that can cause cancer so that is why it is used in HVAC ductwork to sterilize the air like in prisons so infections are not spread. UV-c light can be used in super markets to keep people safe. The media refuses to do the research. Second is that masks basically are used to slow down the spread from an infected person because it stops much of the moisture droplets. The N-95 masks do not stop fine virus itself. They stop 95% of the dust in the air as the virus is smaller than the dust.

The problem is the media is not looking into genetics because it might just show that diversity has its flaws. People have different immunity abilities. Poor health behavior reduces the individual’s ability to fight exposure to harmful entities. Cities and public transit put people at more risk to have health problems. One size does not fit all. Fast food is not a healthy diet. Restaurants mostly serve unhealthy foods. Much of today’s society do not cook especially healthy foods. A family should have at least 6 months income saved before they ever think about having a child or buying unneeded items. Marketing is always telling the people that they can borrow to pay things off. This is how many now have to go to food banks to survive. Having payments is a killer especially when you have to buy insurance to protect the bank from default. Banks win the poor lose every time we spend more than we make.

Many people are not equipped with the intelligence and abilities to know when they are being scammed by the media and Government.

Unnecessary Medical Use Because of Insurance

TUPELO – North Mississippi Health Services said it will begin furloughs next week as it battles not only the coronavirus pandemic, but also the financial strain of that battle.

Details are scant at this time, but CEO Shane Spees said patient volume is down 40-50% in some areas of the system, and without federal aid NMHS is expected to lose some $28 million a month.

The medical industry is a scam because they bill insurance directly for unnecessary medical wants and desires. Marketing drugs and medical services does not make for better health or a more productive life. Over half of your insurance costs goes to paying the an industry that lobbies congress to pass laws in their favor. The U.S. medical industry is twice the gross national product percentage wise than all other countries. The laws have failed the citizen in favor of those that make the laws and those that pay to have those poor laws put on the books.

Poor planning and over paid corporations can not handle reality and it is the poor man that pays for that poor leadership.

Give me liberty, or give me death!

Give me liberty, or give me death! is a quotation attributed to Patrick Henry from a speech he made to the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775

Our country was founded on freedom and liberty not a welfare state that protects you from yourself. People are responsible for their own lives not the government that locks you up and hands out money. We have lost our freedom and liberty due to fear of death.

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address

It seems the citizens have lost so much due to public education and government controlling our lives. We lack the true American spirit this country was founded on and become wards of the state. If an individual can not solve their problems they just die. That leaves the strong to survive.


Why is living healthy important? One thing is we can withstand stress better. Healthy living and a healthy body gives us reserves to withstand unexpected problems. Knowledge gives us information on making better choices. What is important about living? A clue is that getting high is bad for the long run. Moderation is the more intelligent choice. Too many things and too many people can add to stress. Not everything new or more is making life better. When greed and the present culture markets lifestyles as positive we all know they are selling it because a good life choice never needs to be sold. Less is more about understanding the gift of life.