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One word “Plastics”

US researchers say they have developed a new type of lighting that could replace fluorescent bulbs.

The new source is made from layers of plastic and is said to be more efficient while producing a better quality of flicker-free light.

The scientists behind it say they believe the first units will be produced in 2013.


Details of the new development have been published in the journal Organic Electronics.

Plastic electronics, also known as organic and printable electronics, is an emerging field, which some experts say will revolutionize the electronics industry.

The terms describe electronic devices made from carbon-based, organic materials and components, using printing processes, rather than traditional silicon-based, inorganic materials.

It creates the opportunity for low-cost manufacturing of electronic circuits on rigid or flexible surfaces. Companies are using the technology to work on applications like digital posters, tablets and smart phones with bendy screens and clothes with digital displays.

This type of innovation is what is needed in Tupelo. We are close to the plastic refineries makers of the raw materials.

None of our schools are even seeking a future they are all in the past. A day late and a dollar short explain why MS is always last. We need entrepreneurial organizations to flush out cutting edge investments and ideas to move Tupelo forward rather than always be last.