Swimming Pool vs. Police Department Consolidation, vs. Library

We need to hold another Citizens /task /force meeting to deal with our thoughts on the Swimming Pool, Police Department consolidation and the need for a new library.I am told that almost a year after the Judge awarded the building to the city we still do not have a title.  Unfortunately the following is the way things work. . On the Tuesday prior to the Tuesday council meeting you must given a written request to the Mayor ot to Mr. Pitts asking to speak. You don’t know what will be on the agenda. What really irks the h— out of me is that part of that request to speak is a statment that you agree, by your signature, to not to request to speak again for a year on the same subject. So this is the way it works. If you wish to speak about an issue you must sign up on the 11th to speak on the 18th. And as a side note, if you own a business in Tupelo but live outside the city you are not allowed to speak. I would like for someone to challenge that. Someone that makes their living in Tupelo but lives outside the city limits. At this time the pool issue was put on the study agenda this past Tuesday evenning thus allowing it to be moved up for a vote at the following meeting on the 18th.  What I know for sure is that if you wish to speak at the meeting on the 18th of October you must have signed up by the 11th. I will try and find a place (for free, the Link Ctr is booked)) to hold a Task Force meeting on the 10th, I will check on the Library tomorrow.The citizens need more information on these issues. I will ask for a representative of the Library as well as Police Chief Carlton to attend. If you uwant to be heard on the Aquatic Center remember you must sign up by 4:30 PM on the 11th. A big crowd can get this tabled but one or two won’t impress the council members taht the general public does not their tax money spent at this time on this project.

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    1. Call glenda at 8402578 and ask her to send you a request forum or ask her to put you on the agneda and you will have to go to City Hall 2nd floor before close of business Tuesday and sign the request.jim

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