What Now?

Congratulations to all the winners and condolences to all the losers. Once again our Republic exercised the right to determine our representatives and several Constitutional changes. But what do we do now? Should we sit back and watch and do nothing. Sorry, but I don’t think so. According to the Mississippi Tax code private property is to be taxed at “fair market value”. There is a four year cycle of mandatory evaluation which will be coming up 2014 as the last appraisals were in 2010. In the statute there is provision for appraisal at other times. I don’t mind paying my fair share of taxes, however my home as well as all of yours is worth at least 20% less than the 2006 appraisal which wasn’t changes in 2010. I am going to ask for a reduction in my home taxes based on my home being worth less. If you think your home is worth less you should ask for a reduction. In addition to paying less it will give this city administration less money to spend on swimming pools. I firmly believe that our taxes should be spent for necessary, needed and vital projeccts for our well being as citizens. What is your thought.

3 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. Have you ever seen taxes go down? The taxes are based on revenue needed. We know that the pool bonds will need more taxes to cover the debt. Then if the citizens complain they just cut essential services. My home is worth less than in 1996 when I built it. Taxes have not gone down. They use the same real estate appraisal method, “square foot”. The city will tell us that the pool makes our property worth more.

    Fair market value is a joke. Property sells for what both parties have to exchange at the time. The eminent domain issue is an example of what people think of fair market value. A persons home is priceless.

    The banks played this game to control human behavior and own them. The Government allowed them to do it.

  2. Interesting that elected democrats are turning republican after the election. Not that is any difference in being a politician.

    Have you noticed the spam of the NEMS360 on the face-book page? The federal government has access to all the information put on that software and uses it to monitor citizens. Computers are wonderful tools but they are a double edge sword. I wonder how the students that over turned the media van got caught so quickly. Could it be the pictures from their student ID digitized and cross referenced to the security cameras?

    I guess I come off as a crack pot but I did work for the Government and know how they operate. Call me sceptical. My intentions is to make a better world for our children and all that come after them. The task is frustrating when the experience today is all about power and money.

    “What Now?”

    I see educating the public about the world around them as a monumental task that needs to be done. Children need the biggest help. The second thing is to get some caring citizens in office. How do you overcome the money machine to get elected?

  3. Gaming the System

    We might have an educational problem in Mississippi but we have a bunch of very smart illiterate people that know the loopholes in laws, made by our law makers. The very issue of marriage makes a difference in how people live on government assistance. People do not get married on purpose to get more government support. The system is broke and takes advantage of well meaning tax paying citizens.

    Sometimes the problems are so encompassing that focusing on one issue is also the problem.

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