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As reported in the DJ the bonds to start the work are general obligation bonds. The notice on intent to sell these bonds include the mandatory wording that the plan will go forwardd unless there is a petition of at least 1500 registered voters, Tupelo resident registered voters, is presented calling for a vote.The dead line for submitting such a vote is the first week of December. Anyone out there interested in pursuing such a project. I really don’t know if there is enough public support/interest to defeat such a vote.It might be easier to get 1500 signatures and if each of those actually voted that would mean that the other side would need 1501 for a total of 3001 votes and that is possible. Any thought from all of you. This is one to weight in on and let your voices be heard. I am prety sure I have a copy of the previous petition by former Mayor presented to the Council. All I know is that I would sign such a petition to be able to vote on a project that commits us, Tupelo citizens, to pay back $13million dollars for anything. Project of this size I wold like to vote on this taxation even with representation.This is one of the items that got us started.

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  1. A booth at the mall during these shopping times might get the signatures. Making sure they are registered Tupelo voters is a little bit of a problem.

  2. It looks like the spark is dead. Any other ideas? Perhaps we need a door to door corruption awareness movement.

    1. Lisa I am afraid you are right. If actions speak louder than words you are definately right. I think the original disatisfaction was very loudly expressed by landlords. Now that that issue has been resovled it appears to be litttle oppositioon to anything. However I can predict that as soon as someone’s ox is gored there will be an outcry. I have found one interesting side line while trying to develop a plan to educate the public. The only reason the City Council meeting are broadcast by Comcasst is because it is a requirment in their contract with the city. Due to this requirment there is no need to voice/broadcast any opposition voice or cover any other meetings. In my talk with district manager Don Ritchy he told me he didn’t think they would be interested but would check with his legal department and the powers taht be in Huntsville. actually that is where he lives. The program would be Other Voices-Other Views.It would be an hour long program with a moderator and there would be two or three discussions amongst six to ten informed individuals about one local and one state topic of interest. I still think there is a possibility that some Foundation/Organization might consider funding such a program even if it is via laptop as a way of getting young people more involved in government/their own future.My fear is they will realize that their future was yesterday and they were not interested. .

      1. The media is playing the OWS movement like a fiddle. The frustration and anger is there but not the wisdom and organization. Demonstrations of anger only harm the idea to make the public aware of the real issues. It is very difficult to bring people together and get them to work for a cause. They either have too busy of a life or no self confidence that what they do matters. Social interaction has dwindled to electronic communication with no personal responsibilities. I sometimes, am just as guilty.

        Your TV idea sounds great I have a friend in Denver that runs a non-profit cable community TV channel. I am not an actress or very good public speaker but can do much behind the scenes if that is any help.

        Thanks Lisa

        1. It would be interesting to find out how he got it set up. There have been broadcasts from the Link Center in the past. Comcast has no production facilities. Wouldn’t it be fun to set up Link Center Communications and do local progeraming in addition to educazational it could do the plays, symphony and other activities. Hopefully for fun and at least breeakeven. Even negihboorhod meetings could be held and broadcast. Now we’re are talking transparnecy and citizen activism..

          1. I will give him a call and grill him. I know he took over when they were about to fold. He is not paid. He started by producing an hour show featuring local bands.

  3. It’s a shame that this forum has been ignored by the apathetic people of Tupelo. We will see taxes increase, neighborhoods deteriorate, schools decline and the crosstown headache continue while an aquatic center is built and a charter school is established for the CREATE members. Apparently the people of Tupelo were not CREATED equal.

      1. Of course all people in Tupelo are not created equal and as the affluent move out those of us left will see out will see our taxes increase. However all people in Tupelo, and the world for that matter, have been created with different talents that contribute to the fabric of our society. The sad part is that our fabric is torn and tattered because it is not complete. I am tired of the idea that only the smart can surrive and prosper. Only the smart should graduate from school. Only the smart should procreate. Only the smart should rule. Only the smart are equipped to determine what is best for the rest of us.I would like to see the bank pres. repair my car, the CEO of the CDF lay a foundation for a new house, the Senator take down a tree without destroying the house next to it, and council member be a backhoe operator. All of our citizens contribute or should contribute, but wheather they do or not their ability to do or not should not be determined the affluent. To those that don’t participate I would submit that they may have tried but after being beat down have quite bothering and now accept the scraps that are thrown to them to keep them marginally happy. In several cases I know this to be the truth. People have just ceased to try. Possibly Occupy Wall Street was about this. I hope this site is a voice for change.

        There will be another article in Sundays paper concerning our school system. I think it will be concentrated on the search for a new superintendent. MY thoughts are and will remain that the new super deserves to have the resignation of all the admiinistration on his desk on the first day. He should get to pick his own team. The three finialists should present a plan for success and those plans should be circulated to all interested people with no names attached. Choose one and go from there. Give the standard four year contract and hold annual reviews. For a real change this selection should include more than five board members and a chosen few. Everyone should know where this new individual wants to take us andd we should either buy in or hire someone else. Don’t know what else will be included but the DJ is interested. Have meeting with editorial board about the Bridges out of Poverty program Wed. More later.

        1. Nature and nurture, Pinker in his book “The Blank Slate” Points out studies that show that smart is much more from your environment than from genes. However we can not have infinite procreation in a finite world with limited resources.

          Throughout history man has created environments to make a pecking order except it is not on strength but on beliefs. Money and power have been used to keep people down from birth. Those that are controlling do not want the competition.

          My own education is lacking some of the essentials of being a leader. It is not because of abilities.

          Did you meet with Chris Kieffer yet? He has not addressed any of my questions on his blog.

          “Everyone should know where this new individual wants to take us and we should either buy in or hire someone else”
          One size does not fit all. We all can not go to the same place. The system needs to be flexible enough to allow for different goals.

          1. Thanks you for an Excellent reply. Nature and nuture is one of the most discussed propositions in child rearing and education. It also seeems to be the position of bigots. I have read the books and the studies. I can tell you from very personal experience, adopted, I have very different talents than my parents. I also know that had I been adopted by less affluent/educated and talented parents my level of achievement might have been less because less would have ben expecteed. In my family failure was not an option. There was always something I could succeed in doing. It didn’t matter if it was english, history, math, chemistry, the arts, manual labor, sports, or any other field. Being successful in somethign was a requirment.

            Yes throughout history the person with the gold rules. “The golden rule”. Thus unions were formed and society (th 99%) began its struggle. I don’t see this as a struggle for control, although it may be, rather I see it an a struggle for equality of ideas in the market place allowing for the freedom of thought and the ability to prosper. It is not money or power that determine success in our new world. The power of the internet and instant communication has change that paradigmn. Look at the revolutions in the middle east occuring via the net. Today the power of an idea cannot be stiffled. The problem is when will the people realize that they have that power and cannot exercise it for their benefit.

            I met with Kris and part of that will be written in the Sunday paper. Chris is tryimg to report what the people are saying. He is keeping his own feelings out of the articles. But I can tell you we are on the right track. It is time for transparency and change. So here we go. If you want to be heard call him or email him or write a letter to the DJ. There will not be a more inportant issue facing this community for the forseable future. Tupelo will grow or fail on the basis of the success of all of the students in our school system. The difficulty is that the schools can only teach what the community presents it with in the way of a student. Even good teachers cannot teach students not ready to learn or are far behind they are a liability. We can change that but it takes a long term commitment. Like 12 to 15 years and starts with successful in pre kindergarten, home environment,and a hope for the student that there is a future after high school. This is not about race. It is about poverty, not accepting failure as an option and demanding success for all our children. I will check his blog and let you know. I have not seen it. I know a few days ago he had an open form on his site. He said there was not any paricipation.

  4. “He said there was not any participation.”
    It took a little time to find his open form and he was only there from 10-11 and I missed that timing but I did post later that day and he has not responded since.

    “I see it an a struggle for equality of ideas in the market place allowing for the freedom of thought and the ability to prosper.”

    Now you approach another issue far from education. Our system is based on juice. Propaganda and marketing influence people that do not look at the big picture and do research.

    Growing up and getting the right connections and going to the right schools. It takes money to enter these social circles.
    Corporations and the holding companies use their money and power to influence Government. This blocks the little guy from being equal with their ideas. Because of regulations we will never see another Apple or Microsoft. The drug companies buy out any independent labs that create a new drug. The history of ideas shows companies like Sears or Walmart how they destroy the competition. For example AARP is basically an insurance company who has profited from Obama’s health care bill.

    A book called “Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction” by Barry C. Lynn explains how the system works.

    Growth is very misleading. We can not grow in size forever. 2 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day another 2 billion on less than $2000 a year. We are part of the 16% of the world population that uses 75% of the world resources. If our citizens use more resources that is that much less other people will get. If you made every one equal each family around the world would live on $8000 a year.

    I think what would be a better goal is not to be at the bottom in most every state ranking but we are first in obesity.

    It is not about how much you have, but how much you have compared to your neighbor. Studies have shown this. A person rather make more than his peers. So a person making 80K among peers of 100K is unhappy yet that same person making 60K among peers of 40 K is happy.

    When you have more automation and lower wages around the world the traditional concept of having a job to support a family is fading away. The value of a person comes in other ways rather than labor. People will be valued for more personal reasons and ideas rather than a laborer. The way we live and energy we use is going to be limited. Doing more with less is where the rewards are.

    The commerce department predicts the jobs of the future are service jobs and many low pay such as waiters and store clerks, nurses, and hospital workers, maintenance, etc. Not a whole lot for the H.S. student to look forward to.

    Even the Mayor’s own children left Tupelo to find their vocation. Without research, finance, and educational center Tupelo will not attract bright people. The good students will leave.

    Teachers are hog tied by the rules and strings attached to Federal money. A great teacher will be fired. They are forced to teach to a test designed to make wage slaves.

    It is a huge problem but we can have hope especially if we try with some experimental schools rather than just one big size that fits all.

    1. I see having the equality to have ideas and to succeed or fail on my own without the hinderence of the upper class and their rules as the hope necessary to encourage those ideas to try.

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