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Concerned Citizens and Friends

I see the media flash many marches of people against the police which protect and serve the law abiding public.  What I do not see are these concerned citizens and friends pointing out to the abusers of the law such as, their drug use, crimes of all sorts including throwing trash out the car window, destroying property, taking risks with their health such as smoking, reckless physical stunts, and general disobeying the laws set by the government they voted for.

I can understand the the emotional pain of being rejected by society because of certain traits that do not conform to the majority beliefs of the community. Many immigrants have over the centuries had to endure rejections till they conformed to the accepted culture.  NYC is an example of a melting pot that does not always work as people of the same culture prefer to live in a community that holds their values that do not always conform to the public laws.

If we have freedom of speech we can not be politically correct.  The media wants to control our spending and lifestyle so they make money on marketing. They have top psychological consultants that are educated far beyond the abilities of the average viewer to understand the manipulation that is taking place.  Carry a cell phone? You are offering your private information to anyone wanting to buy it from the large data corporations.  Our politicians are not looking after your welfare just as you are not looking after your fellow citizens welfare.  The system is broke and voting for popular figures that are seen in the media is not going to fix the problems of people not being responsible for their own actions as well of the actions of their fellow citizens.