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Complex Systems

I read about Government not being able to make the best decisions because of the complexity of the information (data) they receive.  In the end they blame the public because the average citizen does not understand.  The average I.Q. is 100 about the same as the average Police person.  Average criminal score is less.  What about the average government decision maker?  Are complex systems really that hard to understand and predict?

I think humans are not computers and they make decisions based more on emotions than facts. Very local perceived experiences are remembered as facts rather than bias mind filtered memories.  History as taught in schools is an altered representation of those writing the history to fit their perceived bias they want the young to believe.

One of the most complex systems is our lives is genetics which makes people the same and also different.  We can not ignore the differences and call everyone equal when they are not and their experiences and perceptions are also different.

One size does not fit all.