Governments’s Ponzie Scam

Who pays tax in a massively aged world? Who pays for healthcare for the elderly? Who looks after the elderly? Will people still be able to retire from work?

Government does not save resources they use the “just in time idea” where young people pay for old people. Those old people when they were young did not save as they paid for the older generation.  Resources are finite and do not come out of thin air as the government scam made you believe.  If you want resources when you are old you need to save them when you are young.  Insurance is not saving the money you pay them. Government prints more money so it can spend more which makes all the money you save worth less.

We have been lied too and scammed by big Government it is not in our best interests to let them make laws that they can not enforce and keep.  Civil rights laws did not work. FDA did not protect use from harmful drugs and food. EPA did not protect the environment. CDC does not protect us from sicknesses. FAA does not protect us from poor design airplanes. The Department of Education has not provided equal and productive standard of intelligence.  They have only saved corporations the cost of job training.  The Military has not protected our enlisted people as they designed war ships that are made of things that burn.  The CIA, FBI, and other spy departments have spied on citizens to collect data for the politicians to use to benefit themselves.  Simple things like stopping scam calls and scam email has not been enforced as the government exempts the politicians.

The citizen is responsible for their own survival so stop paying Government to deliver a promise they can not keep. Biden just promised to have 100% renewable energy by 2035, it takes 15 years to build one nuclear plant.  How can the voter be so gullible to vote for a lier but the other ballot choice is a BS artist. We must not allow the scam ballot system to force use to pick more dishonest leaders.  Do a write in vote for an electoral college person who is not connected to a party.