Government, Social Commentary


Our nation has been turned upside down by people that think they are treated unfair.  It has been many years since the laws are required that the government treats everyone who breaks the laws equally.  But it seems some people want to use the media and laws to harass individuals because they dislike them. Some minority people claim it is skin color that they are judged by, but is this why Trump has systematically been picked on? Most people choose friends by things they have in common and like to be with each other. We are granted this right to have freedom and liberty to make our own lives how we want.

It is a tested fact that more educated and intelligent people have more success than those that give up easy. Many factors are considered as people choose lifestyles they want to live. For example traditions require certain dress for certain affairs that are acceptable to the general majority of that affair. If not done that way the rebel might get their feelings hurt by the treatment of the group. There is no law against getting feelings hurt. Although our president is a BS artist he has faced years of being harassed by the hypocrites of the media and democratic party which claim they do not stand for that done to the minority.