“Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) said rising gun violence in Chicago is occurring because the Windy City is “being inundated with guns” from outside states.”

Guns do not kill people people kill people. Why are these other states not having the murders Chicago has if they have plenty of firearms?

What the Mayor fails to understand is lack of citizen responsibility in reporting crime and testifying, creates opportunity for more crimes. The lack of respect for laws makes an environment unfit to have children.  The history of Chicago tolerated criminal gangs for decades because the gangs paid off the political leaders. What about the loss of life in Chicago due to drugs? Other states make drugs illegal also, but plenty get to Chicago.

What about the culture of the south side of Chicago? Why is there less crime in other parts of the city? They have firearms also.

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  1. Chicago Police Deputy Chief Dion Boyd, a 30-year veteran of the force, received a lucrative promotion in July. Less than two weeks later, Boyd was found dead in an apparent suicide.

    Chicago politics in action.

  2. There were 105 murders reported last month in Chicago, a spike of nearly 139% compared to July 2019. Chicago suffered 406 shooting incidents in July, surging 75% from last year.

    Police say that murders are up 51% in 2020, compared to the time frame of January 2019 until July 2019

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