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  1. “The regulation requires public and private colleges and universities to fund discriminatory religious groups that discriminate against would-be members. Under this new rule, the Department would especially privilege the speech and activities of religious student groups rather than applying the law neutrally,” the group claimed.

    1. Why is the government allowing federally funded colleges to fund any religious group or any group against religion? I didn’t read anything about this in the newly passed state referendum about the flag .Are you just string the pot?

      1. The universities are part of the propaganda system of education to control people’s behavior. They teach what the Government and power brokers want of the next generation. Tradition is taught to the very young and reinforced throughout life to maintain order and followers. There is tyranny used to maintain the established ladder of leadership. Methods of science and religion have been set to avoid thinking that might change the system and challenge authority. Since man made morals and ethics to be selective depending on who holds the power we have government making rules that do not make sense. The pot needs to be stirring.

  2. I have been wondering for years what do we trust God to do? Put out the fires in California? Feed the hungry?. Clothe the poor? He i snot going to do these things. If you believe in a God or Supreme Being then you must believe God has given these tasks to us to do. It is not governments job to do these things. Government does a lot of things it was not meant to do and we pay for it with our taxes and then complain the taxes are too high or the government does not do it right,

    1. Government has increased its power over time as it repeats history. All governments fail over time because they get corrupted by people who think they are the people who have the right answers. Fact is much of reality is unknown but people feel better if they do not have to question reality. Human beings are still just a form of animal from evolution which passes on DNA and the genes. Different environments require different types of genes to survive.
      Cause and effect is probable because we lack the understanding of absolute. Taxes have not paid for most of what government does for decades. The economic system is based on faith of money created by the Federal Reserve and promises made by individuals. Many things Government does, do not need to be done. They spend money to create consumers that make demand for products which keep people busy and provide things needed to survive. However there is a limit to resources and as the population increases there is less to go around.
      Government does not solve problems it just puts resources in places that reduce chances of chaos. But other power brokers also fund chaos to weaken and destroy Government controls. In the big picture it is the individual who is responsible for survival of the human animal and the evolution to a better animal. Nature allows the weak to not reproduce but Government promotes the weak to multiply so they can control them better. God just becomes another word for the unknown.

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