Happiness or well-being are they the same?  Which is more important?  How does morals and ethics play into goals?  Is it personal or society?  Does society all want the same values?  How does tradition, religion, culture, genetics and environment shape values?  These are just some of the questions needing answers before we make decisions to join with others for change. Can we live in a world of people being different and wanting different values?  Is there only one answer to these questions?

2 thoughts on “Well-Being

  1. “Always appear what you are, and you will not pass through existence without enjoying its genuine blessings, love and respect.”

  2. “It is very important to be in love with life… Life is very fragile and always elusive. As soon as we think we ‘understand,’ there is another mystery. I don’t understand anything. That is, I think, the key to understand everything.”

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