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Spending Money

Money is a promise to return equal value for the efforts you have made. It could be material things you traded or time you gave to increase value etc.  Resources are finite, efforts are human energy and vary with skills and abilities. Values change depending on demand and emotions.  Survival requires both resources and efforts.  The more the population grows the less each person can have resources depending on equal distribution or unequal distribution.  Efforts are limited also depending on population and abilities.

If the Government spends lots of money without increasing resources and effort the money supply increases and the value of the money decreases. It is called inflation. In the big picture short range many people get things needed for survival but loose long term because they did not increase effort of resources. People who save and invest money loose a bit from inflation but gain the values that the poor have lost. This gain is the promise to of value in the future.

Humans will never be equal as abilities vary. If these efforts are not recognized it results in pain and suffering along with decline in resources, effort, and progress. Human life is not valued equally as nature always has shown.

Welcome to reality.

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  1. The U.S. government paid out $4.4 billion over more than 30 years covering injuries relating to a host of vaccines, but payouts for potential injuries from Covid-19 vaccines will be covered by a far less-generous program.

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