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Poor Government Laws and Funding

On California’s fall fire days — days with high temperatures and wind speeds, as well as low humidity — all it takes is a spark from a downed power line to start an inferno. New research indicates that they’re about to become a lot more common.

California has made energy companies buy electricity from out of state because of its environmental laws are missing the big picture.  Power lines have to run hundreds of miles through the forest because the government will not allow new power plants to be built. This increases the cost of electric and makes a problem of clearing the right of way.  Restrictions on logging has made the forest too dense and even the spotted owl can not hunt through the thick trees.  Replacing paper bags which are used in other ways and are biodegradable with plastic has many problems including shutting down the forest product industry. Lack of long term for problems has California spending more , taxing more and becoming the homeless capital of the world.  Handouts to people that are not responsible for their own survival will only continue the destruction of our once most energetic producer.

The voters are not getting the facts as the media manipulates their behavior.