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Crack in Honesty

The Memphis bridge has been cracked since 2019 as tourist photos show.  It was inspected in 2019, and again in 2020 with no mention of the crack.  All of a sudden when when Government wants to raise taxes and inflation screwing the public for spending more money that go into the hands of Democratic supporters we see the propaganda from the media.  On top of that we have the politicians stop barge traffic to further screw the public. If the bridge lasted this long with traffic stopping the road traffic will make it last much longer and not fall on the ships.

Just like Tupelo charges you to recycle and they send the plastic to Huntsville which cause pollution and costs beyond the plastic value.  They could be using that plastic in Tupelo to make roads that last 3 times as long as the asphalt at the same price.  But investigate who hands the money goes.